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Airflow is a modern, technically advanced company with nearly three decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of Dry Filter and Water Wash Spray Booths. Airflow uses the latest CAD and CAM systems during both the design and manufacturing processes. A sophisticated integrated computer network enables the management of work from the order stage through to installation and after sale care. Airflow employs a dedicated team of field and internal sales personnel with many years of combined experience in the sales of Dry Filter and Water Wash Spray Booths.

By specifying Airflow be assured you will be choosing the best product, backed by the UK's leading manufacturer of Spray Booths. We recognise that our commitment to innovation has been paramount to our growth and success. The solution to your problem is not to choose an inferior Spray booth from one of our competitors in order to reduce initial price risking costly unreliability when the correct solution is to buy from Airflow hence optimising performance in terms of reliability and long-term production costs.

Airflow Dry Filter and Water Wash Spray Booths are constructed generally from prime quality 1.2mm galvanised panels providing a strong, durable and rigid design. The panels are CNC punched to +/- 0.1mm leading to easy and quick assembly with no bad joints or gaps and fewer bolts. Airflow's unique overlapping panel construction gives a much neater appearance with fewer dust traps. The resulting design is far stronger than that of our competitors, many of whom use jointing angles.

Dry Filter and Water Wash Spray Booths are used to control the environment during the applications of wet sprayed material and powder coatings on to a variety of substrates. The market place encompasses many sectors including Aerospace, Contract Coating, Engineering, Fabrication, Furniture, Kitchens, Plant Manufacture, Plastics and Structural Steel industries. Airflow's customer base includes companies such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Monarch Aircraft, Barlow Handling, Gledhill Water Storage and Weatherford.

Airflow Dry Filter Spray Booths are designed for easy assembly, giving the option to self build by following the detailed assembly drawings which accompany the booth therefore saving a large proportion of the installations costs if the budget is tight. Remember that Airflow's technical help and backup is only a telephone call away. Should you wish to have the spray booth installed by Airflow we will be more than happy to help. Airflow gives, you the customer, the finest quality Spray Booth at the most economical price. A Dry Filter Booth offers far less maintenance issues than a Water Wash Spray Booth in as much that there is no toxic waste requiring the disposal by an effluent treatment contractor.

Airflow offers standard Dry Filter Spray Booths and Water Wash Spray Booths ranging from 1.1 metres wide to 6.6 metres wide in 1100mm increments. Airflow's standard Dry Filter and Water Wash Spray Booths are complete with a canopy height of 2.2 metres providing a less claustrophobic working environment than those of many competitors, which only give a 2 metre high headroom. The additional 200mm headroom allows more space for hanging bars and tall products. Airflow Dry Filter and Water Wash Spray Booths can be easily extended by a full range of modular components to compliment the booth and can be converted into an enclosed Spray Room if required.

Airflow Water Wash Spray Booths have a one piece welded and crack detected water reservoir tank to eliminate leaks and a two-pack zinc phosphate primer and a two-pack epoxy chemically resistant top coat enabling easy cleaning and a long life. Welded and crack detected steel pipework, with an easily removable and rod able spray bar, provide a strong long life feature which is resistant to knocks and bumps. The pipework incorporates an externally easily adjustable water volume control having a single large brass gate valve and a removable wheel to avoid tampering. The very reliable water pump with a stainless steel shaft, stainless steel impeller and tungsten carbide seal delivers high volume low pressure water to the spray nozzles providing low water atomisation and reduced carry over with a long working life. Smooth stainless steel water screens resist the build up of paint and prove easy to clean. The Airflow Water Wash Spray Booths internal pump strainer and water top up tank mean that the pump is protected from large particles of paint residue.

The fan used on all Airflow Spray Booths is our unique patented 'cartridge' style design, specifically developed for use in aggressive environments where solvents and other dissolved contaminants within the exhaust air stream can quickly shorten the life of a conventional fan. An integral casing provides a totally sealed protection of the drive mechanism and bearings against in duct contamination. The cartridge configuration enables the drive mechanism to be removed for routine maintenance without disrupting the fan housing and ducting.

The Airflow patented 'cartridge' style fan design complies with the Machinery Directive (89/392/EEC) and risk assessments have been conducted on all parts of the fan. The fans are manufactured in-house to ISO9001 standards and are pre-tested on our test rig with their performance measured, current monitored and CE marked prior to despatch. The fan offers guaranteed performance and electrical safety with increased reliability and peace of mind for uninterrupted production using a Spray Booth.

Genuine High Quality Airflow Corrugated Paper Type Filter is supplied with Dry Filter Spray Booths. This type of Paper Type Filter is the best available on the market. It is rigid, robust, efficient and easy to install and remove for replacement. For applications requiring a greater degree of filtration a high-efficiency version is offered at extra cost. The High Efficiency Paper Type Filter is a laminate of the Standard Filter Medium with a layer of polyester, designed to capture the finer particles that are too small to be arrested by the primary paper filter layer. This laminate gives a greater capacity therefore extending the life of the filter medium and arresting a broader band of particulate matter. Standard Airflow ducting kits are available to suit most factory situations. These ducting kits facilitate easy installation with the assurance that the Spray Booth performance is maintained. A range of options is available for through-wall and through-roof extraction.

Please browse our website for more information about our rapid specification, quotation, manufacturing, installation & after sales Spray Booth service then contact us on 01142 327788 to speak to one of our team or e-mail us on sales@airflow-group.com.

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